Lenovo goes to school by MitraCare

lenovo-goes-to-school-by-mitracareLocated at SMAK Penabur Harapan Indah, Bekasi. MitraCare successfully participated in an annual event called Excelsior where student can freely express their art creativity and education. This event is celebrated by more than 100 schools in Jakarta and Bekasi.

We present ourselves as After Sales Service Provider that’s not only focus to repair service but also to actively provide solution to customers regarding their smartphone usage.

On this activity, we pro actively invited all the student to get closer with MitraCare and to compete using Android based game application called MitarCare Run Race which can be downloaded through Google Play  [Here].

We realise that knowledge can be learned through the introduction of technology and MitraCare can play an important role in contributing to smart Indonesian.